Life should be lived in beauty. And beautifully.

We believe that beauty starts within you. Just as a blooming garden starts with beautiful idea, just as breathtaking painting starts with beautiful memories. Sometimes beautiful moments are created by ourselves. Sometimes – they appear so quick we barely manage to capture them.

We wish you to become the creator of beautiful moments. To become an author of a beautiful life. A life that is lived beautifully.

And it all begins with appreciating beauty in the little things.




Each gold piece has three hallmarks that guarantee authenticity.

  1. Products undergo control of the state assay inspection, where they receive a stamping test. This print confirms that the jewelry contains the claimed amount of gold.
  2. In the second hallmark – the nameplate – information about the manufacturer is encrypted, which allows you to determine which company has released the jewelry.
  3. SOKOLOV’s gold products bear the S logo, which guarantees its uniqueness.

Each piece of jewelry is proved by the Latvian Bureau of Assay.

All jewelry pieces available at Stella’s store are made of high-quality precious metals. All represented brands purchase precious metals from banks that ensure high-quality products.

SOKOLOV puts the S logo, which guarantees that the product is produced under the SOKOLOV brand and contains at least 92.5% silver in the alloy.

Each piece of jewelry is proved by the Latvian Bureau of Assay.

The creation of the sketch is preceded by a lot of work by a team of professionals – the SOKOLOV design bureau. Expert analysis of trends, visiting Russian and foreign jewelry, and watch exhibitions allows not only to take into account the key design directions but also to create them ourselves. SOKOLOV jewelry and watches show the unique, recognizable style of the brand.

Unsurpassed quality is embodied both in jewelry and SOKOLOV jewelry watches. The production complex of the brand is one of the most high-tech in the industry. Only specialized equipment from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and the USA is used to make each piece of jewelry as a piece of art. Carefully keeping the traditions of jewelry and chain making, experts combine manual labor and modern developments.

First-class precious stones come straight from the largest suppliers from Burma, India, and Thailand. Those are high-quality gemstones that meets international standards. Geologists do manual work to make sure those gemstones meet the expectations of SOKOLOV’s standards.

Diamonds are obtained from suppliers who provide only the highest quality diamonds (KGK Group). Qualified geologists with rich experience ensure quality according to the brand’s standards.

Colorful semi-precious stones are obtained from Thailand and India. Historically, those are the countries that have become the centers for mining gemstones. The selection process is done by gemologists who pay great attention to optical properties and grinding quality.

Brands represented by are long-lasting partners with official Swarovski holding. The clearness of crystals and topazes of Swarovski, Swarovski Zirconia, as well as Swarovski created Diamonds is a result of technical production processes developed over the years.

All SOKOLOV jewelry and Krastsvetmet chains are accompanied by branded packaging and a tag – a product passport.

Packaging ensures the safety needed to safely deliver and store jewelry.