About us

Life should be lived in beauty. And beautifully. 

We believe that beauty starts within you. Just as blooming garden starts with beautful idea, just as breathtaking painting starts with beautful memories. Sometimes beautiful moments are created by ourselves. Sometimes – they appear so quick we barely manage to capture them. 

We wish you to become a creator of beautiful moments. To become an author of beautiful life. A life that is lived beautifully. 

And it all begins with appreciating beauty in the little things.

Beautiful life starts with little things

The life of Stella jewelry started with a modest jewelry store in a small town in Latvia 16 years ago. Little by little, it grew into the network that combines more than 10 jewelry shops around Latvia, providing high quality, contemporary jewelry from world-recognized manufacturers from Russia.

Antra Mangule, mother of four and charismatic women, is the owner of the Stella jewelry store. Now, with more than 25 years of experience in business, Antra invites the new generation to develop new business directions and perspectives.

Paula Mangule, the creative director, is pleased to join the family business. Inspired by the beauty of jewelry and its diversity, she aims to reach those who believe that we ourselves are the authors of a beautiful life.